The objective of the practice is to address
the biological, psychological and social needs
of the patient by operating within 5 pillars of a
support framework:

Case Management

Assisting the patient/family to improve the quality of life by conducting assessments, planning, coordinating of care, evaluation and advocacy.

Counselling (Individual/family)

Create a context where the individual/family’s therapeutic needs will be addressed.


Support groups will be facilitated where patients/families get an opportunity to meet and support other patients/families who are in similar positions as themselves.

Creating awareness (Education)

    1. Ensure, in partnership with the referring specialist, that the patient/family understands his/her condition by providing them with relevant education material
    2. Coordinate campaigns where the focus should be to create a level of awareness amongst the public on the specific condition, including the warning signs, as well as contact details of where patients can go for help.


The focus here is to build a network of professionals and organisations in order to refer patients appropriately.